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Vector Marketing & College Students

Vector Marketing, the sales and marketing division of Cutco Corporation, is the primary marketer of CUTCO Cutlery and accessories, and is an active supporter of the community. Vector Marketing is also one of the largest student recruiters in the nation and approximately 85% of Vector sales reps are students. Vector Marketing provides a great opportunity for college students around the nation to not only earn income but also to build and develop valuable professional skills.

Vector Marketing offers:

Flexible Schedules Personal Growth Professional Training Good Pay

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The All-American Vector Marketing Scholarship Program

A premier student sales competition, the All-American Vector Marketing Scholarship program, awards a total of $40,000 annually to the company's top sales performers. To qualify, Vector Marketing sales representatives must be full-time undergraduate students at an accredited college or university in addition to meeting sales requirements. College scholarships are awarded for performance in each of Vector Marketing three sales campaigns, with the top performer in each campaign receiving a $1,000 gift. This gift is matched by a $1,000 gift to the academic institution the winner attends. Smaller amounts ranging from $900 to $250 are awarded to the remaining top 25 performers in the Fall and Spring campaigns, and the top 50 performers in the Summer campaign.

Learn more about Vector Marketing's US Program here

Vector Marketing Canadian Scholarship Award

This exciting scholarship competition is open to any full-time University or College student working with Vector Marketing, regardless of major or academic focus, and it gives the sales reps the opportunity to win a scholarship three times a year.

If you are a full-time college student, be sure that you are currently "activated" on our Vector Marketing All-American program tracking system. Your manager can confirm this for you. And most importantly, monitor your progress against the rest of the Vector Marketing All-American contenders in the nation (standings are issued to all managers on a weekly basis). See where you stand, then set your goals accordingly. You'll be well on your way to becoming a Vector Marketing All-American!

Learn more about Vector Marketing's Canadian Program here