2002 Campaign III Top 10

Rob Robincheck
  • Rocky River
  • Mid-West
  • Owens Community College

   "Once you decide that you want something bad enough you will find a way to succeed. God has blessed me with Vector, which has led me to great friends, a great manager, and, my future wife Amanda. Because of Vector I am able to make my faith, faily, and friends my top priorities, which has allowed me to enjoy my life to the fullest. I hope one day to give back to Vector as much as Vector has given me. Take the opportunity and run with it and ask yourself, why not me?"

Brett Barrie
  • Stockton
  • Western
  • U. of The Pacific

   "As I graduate from college this May, I often wonder where I would be had I not found Vector Marketing. During my four years in college, I learned a great deal in the classroom, but I believe my experience with Vector will really help me succeed in life. Some of the things Vector has taught me are time management skills, how to communicate will all different types of people, how to think big, and most importantly, how to manage my anger and frustration. I owe a lot to Vector and I really believe it's the best job any college student could ever have."

Johann Johnson
  • Omaha
  • Central
  • U. of Nebraksa-Omaha

   "Vector has helped me grow as a person. Through Vector I have matured personally and professionally. I have been given the opportunity to make an incredible income, help impact others, and gain the personal satisfaction of paying my way through college. With Vector you are surrounded by positive driven individuals, if you seize the opportunity you will become a successful person...a product of Vector's life-changing environment."

Jeff Teresi
  • Minneapolis
  • Central
  • U. of Minnesota-Twin Cities

   "The 'Vector Opportunity' is amazing! I have learned so much while working with Vector, and I'm sure I'm bound to learn so much more in the next few years that I'm with the company. Any college student should definitely take advantage of the opportunities Vector has to offer. It has truly changed my life."

Jim Voorn
  • Orland Park
  • Central
  • Trinity Christian College, Palos

   "Vector is awesome! The Vector Opportunity has given me the chance to improve on many skills and areas of my life including communication skills, people skills, confidence, time management, and much more. I have also had an opportunity to make great income as a college student. The Vector Opportunity lets me meet new people every day, but most importantly I love this job because of the people that I work with."

Katie Fingerhut
  • St. Louis South
  • Central
  • Saint Louis University

   "I feel lucky to have found an experience like Vector in which I get to talk to tons of people, challenge myself to succeed, manage my time, all while making money for school! People I've met and friends I've made through Vector, whether they be managers, customers, or representatives, have made me think bigger in everything I do, whether it be in work, sports, relationships, or school. This is a phenomenal opportunity if you challenge yourself, persist, and most importantly, have some fun."

James Chao
  • NE Atlanta
  • Eastern Region
  • Southern Polytechnic State University

   "The Vector Opportunity for me, has opened the door to a new and exciting future. Through Vector, I was able to visit 3 countries last year while attending school full time, and still earn twenty thousand dollars. Although it's not all about trips and money, I've gained a lot of skills as in self-confidence, time management, and goal setting along with many others. There is no limit to how successful the Vector Opportunity allows one to become."

Lia Eleopoulos
  • Fullerton
  • Western
  • Chapman U.

   "The Vector experience has taught me how to be a young professional, a leader, and a great communicator. On a daily basis I learned how to overcome obstacles and challenges which have made me a stronger individual mentally and emotionally. Skills such as determination, perseverance, and confident are ones that will stay with me though my life, and no matter where life takes me I will always credit the Vector experience for my success."

Joshua Mueller
  • Kalamazoo
  • Mid-West
  • Kalamazoo Valley CC

   "Although being successful with Vector takes a strong work ethic, self-motivation, goal setting, and persistence, the company chooses to offer the position to young college students with no experience in any of these areas and teaches them these skills. The tine management skills I learned allowed me the ability to sell full-time while taking sixteen credit hours. The benefits that come from the Vector Opportunity are literally priceless."

Ashley Rickman
  • Columbia
  • Eastern Region
  • U. of S. Carolina-Columbia

   "The Vector Opportunity is one that words cannot express. It is an opportunity you have to experience to comprehend. Vector has taken me, someone with little confidence, and instilled an unmovable foundation of self-reliance. It has given me a level of professionalism that will take me anywhere in the business world. Not only professionalism, but also financial independence. Thanks to my Vector family, I stand as a solid 'ROCK' that nothing can break down. At one point vector's challenge was an obstacle I had to conquer, but now I use Vector to conquer any obstacles. "

2002 Campaign III 11-25

Enrigue Guzman
  • San Francisco
  • Western
  • Foothill
Terra Rivard
  • Troy
  • Mid-West
  • Macomb CC - Mount Clemens
Eric Cheshier
  • Modesto
  • Western
  • Modestor JC
Larry Oliver
  • N. Indianapolis
  • Mid-West
  • Indiana University
Jeff Herrick
  • Houston
  • Southwest
  • University of Houstion
Courtney Lyons
  • North Shore
  • Northeast
  • Endicott College
Hal Elrod
  • Fresno
  • Western
  • Reedley College
Franchesca Naimi
  • Beaverton
  • Western
  • Western Washington University
Claudia Schranz
  • Phoenix
  • Southwest
  • Arizona State University
Adrian Quarless
  • Brooklyn
  • Northeast
  • City U of NY - Brooklyn College
Adam Cronenberg
  • Mesa
  • Southwest
  • Arizona State University
Iavor Ivanov
  • San Jose
  • Western
  • San Jose State U.
Robb Wilson
  • Tampa
  • Eastern
  • University of South Florida
Branden Grimshaw
  • Palm Beack
  • Eastern
  • Palm Beach Atlantic University
Janeene High
  • Montgomery Co.
  • Northeast
  • Penn State