2002 Campaign I Top 10

Jon Levy
  • Manhattan
  • Northeast
  • New York U.

"Change can be so constant that you don't even realize it is happening, you just wake up one day and you realize the person I am today is not the person I once was. The lessons I have learned, the growth I have experienced and the people I have met have improved my life immeasurably. So I thank Asher Abraham for giving me belief Rick Castro for giving me the ability to think big, Joe Gianelli for giving me a job, Mom and Dad for giving me a headache, and of course the academy because it was an honor just being nominated.

Romeo Joson
  • Fullerton
  • Western
  • California State University

"It's been a journey that has changed my life. Vector has taught me countless skills that will aide me in my future pursuit of medicine. Skills such as leadership, persistence, determination, confidence and achieving goals. Along with skills that would emulate a great resume, the Vector Opportunity has given me priceless experiences that gave created, formed and molded me into a driven young professional. Success is a dream wanted by everyone, and I believe Vector and those shiny knives can be used as a vessel towards that achievement.

Johann Johnson
  • Omaha
  • Central
  • U. of Nebraska-Omaha

"Vector has given me the opportunity to grow as a person. I have been able to help others attain the same results and experience I have through field training. Vector gives individuals the power to impact others! Vector is the greatest job I have ever had because your level of success is completely determined by your level of commitment and how hard you work.

Asher Abraham
  • Manhattan
  • Northeast
  • City U. Of NY - Queens College

"Working with Vector has been one of the most meaningful experiences in my life. It gave me the opportunity to become financially independent as well as develop skills I never knew I had. I learned how to balance school with work while making great new friends and having fun in the process. No matter what a person chooses as a career path Vector offers the basic skills needed for success.

Jennifer Moskalik
  • Santa Rosa
  • Western
  • Sonoma State University

"Working for Vector has brought about numerous wonderful and exciting opportunities. I have met many people and built relationships that I continue to enjoy today. Being a sales rep for Cutco has helped me develop some personal qualities that I didn't know I had. I learned lots of new information and enjoyed working in a comfortable office environment.

Terra Rivard
  • Troy
  • Mid-West
  • Oakland University

"The experience with Vector has changed my life. Who would have thought by selling knives? Being a leader is a wonderful feeling. Helping others succeed is only the beginning. Learn from your role models, apply without fear. Hit your goals and you'll have an awesome year. Being committed and consistent is a major part. Wanting to succeed is where it all starts. I'm independent and confident with everything I do. Follow your dreams and you can do it too.

Brian Chapman
  • Palm Beach
  • Eastern
  • Palm Beach Atlantic Collge

"The opportunity to be a full time student and still have money like no other job. I am honored to work with some of the nations finest.

Iavor Ivanov
  • San Jose
  • Western
  • California State U. - San Jose

"The Vector Opportunity is a unique experience that has changed my life. It has taught me many life-time skills such as leadership, communication, time management, teamwork and most importantly commitment to yourself. Vector has also taught me how to overcome obstacles and push myself to the limits, knowing everything is possible with hard work. I'm thankful to Vector for giving me a chance to work with some of the best people I have ever met in my life, people that will stay my friends forever. Thank you!

John Ernst
  • St. Louis
  • Central
  • Culver-Stockton College

"Vector represents a great opportunity to be as successful as one wants depending on how motivated they are willing to be. Vector has no only benefited me financially but has been the biggest stepping stone in my career towards my future endeavors.

Bret Barrie
  • Stockton
  • Western
  • U. of The Pacific

"Sales Trainer Brian Tracy once said: 'You're not what you think you are, but what you think - you are.' Vector offers financial success, freedom to live the college lifestyle, and teaches people how to reach their goals, regardless of what they may be. Working with Vector for the past year has changed the way I think, made me a happier person, and it's changed me into the person I'll be for the rest of my life.

2002 Campaign I 11-25

Mollie Moschberger
  • Monmouth Co.
  • Northeast
  • Lafayette College
Alexis Rice
  • North San Diego
  • Western
  • California St U
Lia Eleopoulos
  • Fullerton
  • Western
  • Chapman U.
Traci Thomson
  • Nassau Co.
  • Northeast
  • Hofstra U.
Marty Rinehart
  • Springfield
  • Central
  • Missouri Souther Sr College
Eric Justis
  • Long Beach
  • Western
  • California St U - Long Beach
Allison Fissel
  • Montgomery Co.
  • Northeast
  • Deleware Valley Coll - Science
Liam Alexander
  • Manhattan
  • Northeast
  • Parsons School of Design
Marcy Hunter
  • Middlesex Co.
  • Northeast
  • Rutgers State U
Jennifer Cortez
  • Houston
  • Southwest
  • Houston CC
J.L. Shewmaker
  • Fort Myers
  • Eastern Region
  • Edison CC
Saeed Tabrizipour
  • Atlanta Norcross
  • Eastern
  • Lee University
Jason Campbell
  • St. Cloud
  • Central
  • Saint Cloud State U
Melba Rivera
  • San Juan
  • Eastern Region
  • U of Puerto Rico/Bayamon
Jamie Farris
  • Jackson MS
  • Southwest
  • Mississippi State U.