Congratulations to our #1 All-American scholarship winner Daniel Dolgicer. Vector Marketing will award a $1,000 scholarship to Daniel as well as donate $1,000 to CUNY Hunter College.

2008 Campaign I Top 10

Daniel Dolgicer
  • Midtown Manhattan
  • Northeast Region
  • CUNY Hunter College

"Above all else, my tenure at Vector Marketing has been a formative one-- it has enhanced my conversational skills and oratorical flair; it has given me the ability to sell and persuade; it has lofted my self-esteem. It has been financially empowering, and has acquainted me with colleagues of which I am most fond. Selling Cutco is not without its tumultuous times, yet it is a process that continuously sculpts me into a man increasingly able to tackle life's challenges. I am thankful for that."

Justin Ledford
  • Southeast Houston
  • Southwest Region
  • San Jacinto College South

"Vector Marketing has not only improved my communication, confidence, and mind-set; it has also taught me lifelong skills such as time management, personal development, and how to be financially independent. While working here, I've made friends for life and great contacts for my future. The Vector experience has truly been a blessing, and I'm thankful to be onboard."

Jesse Johnson
  • Baltimore
  • Eastern Region
  • University of Harvard

"The Vector experience is truly a gift. In an age where college students have everyday jobs, Vector provides reps with the opportunity to benefit not only finacially, but to grow as professionals. With a limitless level of success, Vector has taught me to think big. Realizing that anything is possible, I am truly thankful for the experience that has allowed me to grow and accomplish anything I get excited about. This opportunity certainly is one that should not be missed by students. I am now a true believer that this program can change lives; many thanks to this excellent company and its people, for it has certainly changed mine."

Robert Danbury
  • Denver
  • Southwest Region
  • University of Colorado, Denver

"Vector has given me so much: an opportunity to succeed without limitations; a great support system; increased confidence in dealing with people as well as great life skills. Who would have thought you could gain so much knowledge and make so much money from meeting new people and playing with knives!"

Val Eydelman
  • Contra Costa
  • Western Region
  • Diablo Valley College

"The Vector opportunity has changed my perceptions of life. It has helped me gain confidence and leadership skills that have allowed me to in turn help others. I have learned that success isn't just a final destination, but a process you go through; further, I have learned that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. At the age of 19, I am having a lot of fun while working toward success. The best part is working with our team; I couldn't have achieved this scholarship without my friends at Vector. No one has ever cared about my success as much as the CC Dynasty Team!"

Nick Matlack
  • Albuquerque
  • Southwest Region
  • University of New Mexico Main Campus

"The Vector opportunity has been one of the most rewarding and educational experiences of my life. It has taught me valuable skills for life such as leadership qualities, time management, and self-confidence. Allowing me the flexibility to work around school and other priorities, I can focus on my education without any college debt. The Vector program has motivated and inspired me to think bigger about my goals in life, thus expanding my future potential...Vector Marketing provides both the opportunity to gain professional business skills as well as a great income."

Judy Siu
  • Bellevue
  • Western Region
  • Bellevue Community College

"Cutco has been a rewarding journey these past three years and has allowed me to go to school debt-free. The opportunities with Vector are neverending and are based purely on results. I have been able to attain goals that I wouldn't have dreamt so early in life. It has given me a way to work independently and grow my business while still having time for family and friends. Some of my truest friends are from Vector and I'm fortunate to work with and learn from them on a sales and personal level."

RJ Aggarwal
  • Central Nassau County
  • Northeast Region
  • CUNY Queens College

"Many people think of their job as a means to simply make money; however, my job is filled with life experiences. I have grown in more ways than I could have ever imagined while still attending college. Having fun and enjoying what I do, while making a satisfying income, is what I have at Vector. Thanks to my opportunity, I have set high standards for myself and will not settle for anything less."

Daron Thompson
  • McAllen
  • Southwest
  • Midland College

"Vector has given me the opportunity to see the potential within myself. My communication, social, and time management skills have all reached levels I didn't realize existed. Having the opportunity to meet and work with so many positive and uplifting people has really influenced my decision making. I am able to financially support my family, travel, vacation, and still maintain a 4.0 GPA. I never would have thought this lifestyle could be possible as a full-time student! I recommend this job and its opportunities to anyone, student or not."

Ty Dawkins
  • North San Diego
  • Western Region
  • University of Hawaii Windward Community College

"The Vector opportunity has been great! My wise parents' invaluable teachings have been deeply reinforced through my Vector experience. My parents always said, 'If you gain the necessary skills, work hard, and believe in yourself, anything is possible.' To this day, these teachings hold true."

2008 Campaign I 11-25

David Scoggins
  • Pasadena
  • Western Region
  • Fuller Theological Seminary
Stephanie Felix
  • Midtown Manhattan
  • Northeast Region
  • CUNY Hunter College
Jenny Chang
  • Walnut
  • Western Region
  • California State University-Fullerton
Ann Vogel
  • Kansas City West
  • Central Region
  • Maple Woods Community College
Joseph Rodriquez
  • Northwest San Antonio
  • Southwest Region
  • University of Texas-Pan American
Hubert Phan
  • San Jose
  • Western Region
  • De Anza College
Mario Ariza
  • Fairfax
  • Eastern Region
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Ben Schemper
  • North Shore
  • Central Region
  • Grinnell College
Abigal Dubs
  • South Bend
  • Mid-West Region
  • California State Polytechnic University of Pomona
Gregory Allen
  • New Haven County
  • Northeast Region
  • Quinnipiac University
Kim Penez
  • Burbank
  • Western Region
  • Santa Monica College
Daniel Cherry
  • Orland Park
  • Central Region
  • Des Moines Area Community College
Mike Abramowitz
  • Tampa
  • Eastern Region
  • University of South Florida
Aaron Ludin
  • Orlando
  • Eastern Region
  • Rollins College
Danielle Johnson
  • Rochester NY
  • Mid-West
  • Monroe Community College