# 1 Scholarship winner, FSM Stewart McIsack proudly presents his $1,000 donation to Kwantlen University Foundation . Pictured left to right: FSM Stewart Mclsack and Instructor Chamkaur Cheema.

2004 Campaign III Top 10

Stewart Mclsack
  • Vancouver Office
  • Kwantlen University College

"A wise person once told me that in order to be succesful, a person needs to surround themselves with great people. With that in mind, I would like to thank a great number of people, some of who are colleagues and peers like Sibylle Stipp and Matt Jarvis. Others are managers and friends like Geoff Grimsdick, Chad Mah, Angie Macdougall, and Joe Cardillo. Others, yet, are cheerleaders and who often get less credit than they deserve like Janet Damen, Jennifer Posadas, and Rhancha Connell. Lastly, but not least, thaks to the Home Office staff who continually deal with my constant phone calls. To all of you I owe a big thank you! So, THANK YOU! But most of all I would like to thank Vector as a whole. This is an organization that prides itself on the development of its people, and who always are looking for ways to provide that for their staff. Scholarships are only a small part of the Vector package, but it certainly shows a great deal about its character. I know I feel blessed to be working with Vector on a daily basis, and I hope everyone reading this feels the same way."

Kristy Brown
  • Calgary Office
  • University of Calgary

"Wow! What a year! I've learned so much, and the greatest part about Vector is that it has grown with me. It has been an honour to be a North American FSM Advisory Board Member, Can Rock Sales Promotion Manager, and an FSM this year, and a soon-to-be nurse. I am certain that the skills I've acquired with Vector will serve me well in my professional career. Someone once wrote: It is better to travel than to arrive. What an incredible four year journey it has been thus far. Thanks Vector!"

Zach Palmer
  • Burloak Office
  • University of Western Ontario

"This fall was full of surprises, but all in all I pulled through, and hit my goal of Top 5. Thanks Trent for helping me stay motivated with various contests; Sherri for involving me with the Western Fair, and Brent for providing some healthy competition! The reps in this scholarship race were extremely tough to compete with, so thanks to all those who competed against me (and Kristy, you will not beat me by $100 again, that's for sure)! See you all at the top in 2005!"

Phil Alsop
  • Calgary Office
  • Mount Royal College

"My experience while working for Vector/Cutco has been a magnificent rollercoaster of fun, great business experience and making good money. At first I had a hard time believing that selling knives and related household accessories could be made into a great career. Now I have learned through personal experience that it can make people lots of money and make dreams come true. As a business student at Mount Royal College I am currently learning about the fundamentals of a successful business and what good companies are doing and/or need to do. It is great to be working for a company that does all these things and have a major focus on making their representatives and managers better people and successful. While working with the company I have had an opportunity to travel across Canada from B.C to Montreal and also into the U.S.A. I haven't had to take out any student loans since I've been with the company, and have met some awesome people that I enjoy working with and can see myself continuing to work with in the future. I would recommend this unique opportunity to anyone who is accepted for training, to build their resume, skills, experience and financial situation."

Mario Vetro
  • Vancouver Office
  • Corpus Christi College at U.B.C.

"Looking back, when I first got out of training, I knew that there was a lot to shoot for in Vector: FSM, making half, winning trophies and scholarships, advancing into management, etc. I was wondering what it would take to achieve any of these and I did not know what I was capable of. Now, here I am, a year and a half later: I'm an FSM, I make half, I have won trophies, won the #9 Scholarship last spring, the #5 Scholarship this winter, and I am in a position to be Pilot Manager for the summer. My Vector experience has changed my life. To achieve the success and accolades I have achieved in Vector took a lot of hard work. It has made me a better person and I have learned so much about myself. To get to where I am was not easy and there are many people that helped me get there and need to be thanked: my manager Chad Mah for always pushing me; Sibylle Stipp forher guidance, advice and paquette; Sandy Rosen for teaching me everything he knew; Paul Albrighton for providing great competition; my rep referrals Jason and Pavel; my family and friends for always being there, and my girlfriend, Lauren, for her constant support and inspiration. Vector has provided me with an awesome opportunity and it has been a blast selling CUTCO, the best product in the world."

Matt Jarvis
  • Surrey Office
  • Kwantlen University College

"Another great year with Vector has come and gone. I have learned so much from this opportunity. But more importantly, I've got to meet some truly great people. Everyone in the Pacific Coast Division has success and motivation flowing through their veins and their competitive edge drives me to do better. And when you combine that with the kind of support that my parents and Jae have dedicated to me, you sure wonder why I'm not on the left-hand side of this brochure. Oh well! Congrats to Mario for staying consistent and muscling in ahead of me. Also, best wishes to my manager and friend Geoff Grimsdick as he currently travels through Asia. Geoff, You need not worry about the Surrey office, you've left it in excellent hands. Stew, you continue to inspire me and I can't wait to see the competitiveness between you and Chris as you both open your new offices. As for me, I look forward to seeing what lies ahead. Hopefully it involves a victory with my father this year on the Champion's Tour. Until then, I'm going to continue to enjoy and learn from this Vector experience as much as I can!"

Adrienne Worley
  • Saskatoon Office
  • University of Saskatachewan

"The Vector experience has taught me a lot about myself as well as organizational and management skills! The Vector experience is a worthy trip and as with most trips you get what you put into it. The skills I learned will stick with me for the rest of my life. This position has also taught me to think for myself and not be swayed from my goals. I've always known I could do exactly what I put my mind to, and my success with Vector proves it. Thanks to everyone for the great experience and congratulations to all the other scholarship winners!"

Brent Jones
  • Hamilton Office
  • Mohawk College

"My fourth time in a row! Now, I just need to make sure I win my fifth consecutive scholarship this spring! This past campaign I was faced with many of the greatest challenges in my Vector career, so I feel quite fortunate that I still finished in the Top 10. In the Vector World you are only limited by your own imagination, so congratulations to the other nine winners and here's to making 2005 our best year ever!"

Bobby Dubeau
  • Surrey Office
  • Kwantlen University College

"When people ask me how I got started with Vector, my answer is always the same: I didn't know what it was and I needed some money. Who knew that after only four months I would have accomplished so much? When I think of what I owe my success to, two things come to mind. First, Geoff Grimsdick, Stewart, Matt, and the rest of the Surrey team, who made the beginning of my Vector career a lot easier than I thought it would be. Second, attending SSCIII in Toronto after only two weeks with the company. Even though I left empty handed, I ended up meeting great people, and left motivated to actually win something in the fall campaign. I look forward to being a part of the new Surrey office, and since Stewart will be a DM now, maybe I'll be able to be the last one standing at a countdown."

Ryan Tews
  • N. Edmonton Office
  • Grant MacEwan Community College

"My experience thus far with Vector has been one of challenge and excitement. I love the relationships that have been built with fellow Vector employees and customers alike. I am blessed to be able to sell CUTCO, a product that is top of the line and pretty much sells itself. I am stoked about coming into this New Year and plan to sell some blades and make myself some sweet cash to pay for school. Whether in passing as a stepping stone to something higher in life or as a career choice, everyone should experience the Vector Opportunity. Vector has offered me more than just a well paying parttime job. In my few short months with the company I have become more confident and daring in all aspects of my life. This is an experience that I will look back on with joy."