Guillaume Delisle presents a $1000 cheque to Dr. Pierre Belhumeur, Director of Immunology and Microbiology at l'Université de Montréal.

2006 Campaign III Top 10

Guillaume Delisle
  • Montreal Office
  • College L'Immobilier du Quebec

"Most teachers and leaders will agree; the best way to understand something is by doing it. That thought embodies what I love about Vector. Vector gives people the opportunity to do many things most other companies don't; work with people, build a client base, lead others, while developing sales skills in a positive and motivating environment. To me, Vector represents a chance to exercise and develop the business with lots of flexibility. I'm grateful for this opportunity! Thanks to Joe, Chris, Mike, Rhancha, Aly, Jennifer, Leigh, Kim, Tina, and the customer support team for all your help; and finally Sybille, Linda, Vonny, Steve, Alexandra, Erin, Jennifer, Craig and Mario for your friendship and competitive spirits."

Paul Albrighton
  • Vancouver Office
  • Langara College

"Another #2 scholarship, I am very proud of myself! This campaign proved that excellent customer service pays off with great repeat business. To all the other reps out there - take advantage of Christmas time and market to your own customers, the returns are tremendous. Again, the Vector Opportunity has offered the greatest job at such a young age, I will be forever grateful."

Markus Conquer
  • Scarborough
  • Ryerson Polytechnical Institute

"Excellent people, excellent training and an excellent work environment were all what made me such a success while working for Vector Marketing. I want to thank Rob for everything; he helped me improve my people skills and my communication skills. If I were to give new representatives any advice, it would be to keep your head up high and never give up! Wwith the help of the great people at Vector, I know you can be the best! THANKS A LOT VECTOR MARKETING - AND; WAS IT EVER GREAT TO WATCH THE MONEY FLOW IN!!"

Ryan Cox
  • Hamilton Office
  • McMaster University

"WOW, what a great campaign! This is my fourth straight scholarship win and it feels great! After having my best summer campaign ever while being a pilot manager in the summer, I'm extremely excited about being able to follow that up with my best school campaign ever and my highest scholarship win. Only one way to go and that's up to the top. Gunnin' for #1 this campaign!"

Mario Vetro
  • Vancouver Office
  • University of British Columbia

"This is now my 5th scholarship with the company after previously winning #9, #5, #4, and #1. Since starting at Vector right out of high school in the summer of 2003, I have won about $3000 in scholarships. There is simply no better opportunity out there for students. I have been able to pay for most of my university education with my own money, buy a new car, go to Los Cabos, Mexico on the company, travel to Halifax and manage the #1 Branch office, and save over $5000 for a real estate investment - all while being a full time student! I have learned great life skills and have acquired the confidence necessary to succeed in anything. Thanks to Chad, Paul, Vancouver AMs, customer service, field support, and my parents for everything. Now I move on to the next opportunity- managing the District Office in Coquitlam. #1 here I come!"

Justin Gregoire
  • Calgary Office
  • University of Manitoba

"Wow, #6 scholarship winner - I finally did i!. After coming close a few times, I was determined to finish in the top 10. It would not have been possible without my division manager, Angie Macdougall, who consistently kept me accountable for hitting my goals. Of course, thank you to all my customers who I appreciate for taking a genuine interest in my goals and helping me out. After starting with Vector and only wanting to work 2 weeks around my Christmas break, who would have known that this little part-time knife selling job would have bloomed into a full grown career? I have paid my way through school debt-free and have gained more marketable experience than my friends working minimum wage jobs. I love Vector and the endless opportunity!"

Shayla Dupont
  • Calgary Office
  • University of Calgary

"I started with Vector in May of 2005 and worked around two other jobs and spring classes. Vector opened the doors to many opportunities for me. By the end of the summer I was a Branch Manager Candidate and in training to become an Assistant Manager. I am studying business at the University of Calgary and working with Vector has helped to enhance my public speaking and people skills. Although the job is great, it's the team of people that work with Vector that help motivate you to achieve your goals. I am amazed at how the job has changed my life and I can't wait to see what the future has in store!"

Deana Schenher
  • Calgary Office
  • University of Saskatchwan

"And yet another scholarship...this company is super wonderful to work for. Who knew working part time at my part time job this school term would be so profitable. I made more in December than most people do at a regular part-time job. I have had a lot of great opportunities with Vector and met a tonne of great people who I enjoy working with all the time. Thanks again for the opportunity to do so well."

Jennifer Lo
  • Calgary Office
  • Mount Royal College

"I am really excited to recieve my third scholarship from Vector! It's great because I win money for school just for doing my job! The best part is actually having so much fun while doing my job. I've met so many people during demos and gained a lot of experience. I love my job! I can't wait for my fourth scholarlship and shout out to the Calgary team! CUZ WE'RE BRAWLERS!"

Christopher Tucker
  • Ottawa Office
  • Algonquin College

"I am very pleased to receive this recognition for finishing 10th in the fall campaign! I appreciate the training Vector has provided me with and have found it useful in both my personal and professional life. During my time with Vector, I've acquired new sales techniques which have allowed me to feel more confident and efficient. Without any prior sales experience, Vector was ready and willing to give me a chance to prove myself! The most relevant skills I have learned from Vector are; time management, goal setting, and work ethic. I have found I am so energized by the entrepreneurial environment! Thank you Vector, for the opportunity to begin my path in the business world!"