# 1 Scholarship winner Adam Gongos proudly presents his $1,000 donation to the Dubrulle Culinary Arts School. Pictured left to right: Pacific Coast DVM Chad Mah, Adam Gongos and Academic Director, Don Guthro.

2006 Campaign I Top 10

Adam Gongos
  • Vancouver Office
  • Arts Institute of Vancouver

"I did it! I first heard about Vector through my girlfriend Mandy, who started the job first. I am in Chef school, so I was intrigued when she told me about the product. Once I went through the interview, I knew it was a product I could believe in. When I started training, I planned a trip to my hometown for my Fast Start, and with a lot of hard work and determination, I hit my goal of breaking the Fast Start record. It's been a tremendous experience so far, and aside from the perks like the Limo night, Bahamas cruise and shopping spree, I've learned some great lessons and I'm benefiting from the challenge. Thanks Mandy and the Vancouver Office, and I can't wait to see what's next!"

Paul Albrighton
  • Vancouver Office
  • Langara College

"Vector Marketing has allowed me to grow into a business professional. With my experience and achievements through selling CUTCO, I have the confidence that I can succeed at any business venture I choose. Now with Vector for almost three years I feel I have a formula that I suggest to new representatives: make lots of phone calls, do lots of demos, and get tons of recommendations. This formula is really bullet proof and once you master it, the only one that can stop you, is you! Look out Summer competitors I am going for the Silver Cup!"

Deana Schenher
  • Saskatoon Office
  • University of Saskatchewan

"Wow!! Third place truly is better than sixth for last campaign. Hopefully I can keep on climbing up the scholarship ladder. This campaign was great for me. I did some shows and really enjoyed networking with everyone that was involved. I had a lot of fun along the way and really have to thank the Saskatoon office for their support. I never could have done it without them."

Lindsay Allery
  • Calgary Office
  • Mount Royal College

"I started with Vector on my winter break from school in 2002. I never expected to still be here and be as successful as I am now over four years later. I just wanted to make a little extra money. I have not only made much more income than I expected, but I've also gained so much experience that will allow me to achieve any goal, whether it is professional or personal, in my future. Most importantly, I have met the most amazing people in Vector that share in the drive and determination it takes to be successful. All of the amazing people in Calgary, especially Angie helped me hit my $100K Milestoneand I have many more goals. This is the greatest job I've ever had and I wouldn't trade it for anything!"

Jennifer Lo
  • Calgary Office
  • Mount Royal College

"I'd like to start off by thanking the few who supported me during the Kick-Off, shout-outs to the Calgary office (the best office EVER!). My "knife selling job" was a joke and a scam to my family and close friends who were less supportive. However, with their lack of support I probably would not have been determined to prove them wrong. The Vector opportunity is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me. Now looking back 10 months ago when I first started with Vector, I was shy, quiet and nervous around people. Vector has definitely increased my confidence and increased my people skills. Time management is also a skill I learned with Vector, I never knew I had so much time to get things done. Plus I've learned to be a more optimistic person when things aren't going as planned! I truly believe the experience I've gained with Vector is way better than any retail, administrative, restaurant, or labour job I've ever worked at. Vector gives students the chance to work in the real world, helping us to reach set goals, handle objections and obstacles, and stay focused and determined. I can't say this enough, I LOVE MY JOB and everyone I work with and can't wait to win another scholarship this summer!"

Kourtney Oxner
  • Edmonton Office
  • University of Alberta

"My experience with Vector has been incredible. I have learned so much and really appreciate the opportunities that the company has given me; not only have I grown with the business but personally as well. I have more confidence and I set more goals for myself always thinking big. Having the chance to be a Field Assistant Manager and with this being the second time winning a scholarship I feel that this will be the best summer I have ever had. I look forward to winning another scholarship, going whitewater rafting and enjoying all the other perks that the job has to offer, especially making half of 50K will be sweet. Thanks to my team for pushing me to reach my goals, I love the people I work with and all the others who have inspired me to do better."

Ryan Cox
  • Hamilton Office
  • McMaster University

"Lucky # 7, so much better then finishing up # 11! I love selling knives! Great pay and experience, my first "scholly" of many more to come. P.S. I beat you S.G."

Simon Ghali
  • Edmonton Office
  • Peace River Bible Institute

"If you were to ask all my friends what is the one thing that I talk about the most, it would probably be a toss-up between Cutco and girls. I talk about Cutco all the time because I absolutely love the product and the job. This spring campaign was really exciting for me because it was the first time in my two years with the company that I decided to sell during the school year, and I learned that it really is possible to sell a lot around classes, homework, and still having a social life! A quick thanks to Damian Olson, Lonny Erasmus, and of course, Mary Birley who originally trained me in this business. Lastly, and most important, thanks be to God, who I know has provided me with this job and allowed me to succeed in it to his glory."

Chris Tammi
  • Calgary Office
  • University of Calgary

"What a great opportunity we have here at Vector! While my fellow graduates were stressing about finding that dream job after graduating, I was preparing to move directly into a career position as a District Manager in the beautiful city of Montreal!! The skills I've developed while working as a representative and manager with the company far outweigh the knowledge I've acquired throughout my Bachelor of Commerce degree. I look forward to sharing this opportunity with many others and the new experiences and challenges I will face along the way."

Steve Gould
  • Hamilton Office
  • Wilfred Laurier University

"My third scholarship with the company, but my first one outside of the summer! Not only is this an amazing summer opportunity for students during the summer, but it's an amazing opportunity while going to school as well. This was a very tight race coming down to the last week, and it was a little too close for comfort. I look forward to the opportunity I have this summer as the Great Lakes Sales Development Manager, and the challenge of selling 60k in the summer and making well over $30,000! I would like to thank Trent, Ryan, Lindsay and Linda for their support and advice. HAPPY SELLING!"