Rob Brandt, #1 All-American Scholarship winner proudly presents the $1,000 Vector Marketing scholarship contribution to FDU alumnus and Board of Trustee member, Richard Brandt. The contribution is earmarked for the Silberman College of Business.

2011 Campaign I Top 10

Rob Brandt
  • East Brunswick
  • Northeast Region
  • Fairleigh Dickinson University

"Finishing #1, I am the happiest guy - I gave everything to this this campaign. I've been able to pay for school, donate money to my brother, max out my IRA contributions, and live an incredible lifestyle - all as a 20-year-old college student!"

Hubert Phan
  • San Jose
  • Western Region
  • Palo Alto University

"Winning an All-American Scholarship is a great accomplishment for me because of the work involved to qualify. I love challenges. They help me grow and each one I conquer is one step closer to a brighter future."

Rob Robincheck
  • Dayton
  • Mid-West Region
  • University of Phoenix

"Vector has taught me that persistence really pays off. This is my 12th and final scholarship I have won with Vector. The company and the people have opened up many doors in my life and I am eternally grateful!"

Joseph Rodriquez
  • Northwest San Antonio
  • Southwest Region
  • University of Texas at San Antonio

Luke Mills
  • Scottsdale/Tempe
  • Southwest Region
  • Arizona State University

"Pursuing my goals with Vector has given me the chance to understand my full potential and experience success at a young age. I look forward to growing and building my future with the company for years to come."

Luke Reddell
  • Midland
  • Southwest Region
  • Midland College

"Vector has taught me life skills that I will take with me wherever I go. It has showed me that, through hard work, anything is possible."

Sean Henry
  • Austin
  • Southwest Region
  • Texas State University

"I'm proud to sell Cutco products while in school. Not only is the product outstanding but the company does so much to help its people succeed. Working with Vector has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life."

Keith Hamilton
  • Rockville
  • Eastern Region
  • Towson University

"Vector has given me the opportunity to pay for my university tuition. This competition is the best example of the Vector Opportunity. I am making great money while staying focused on scHool and finding success in all areas of life."

Jonathan Rivas
  • Orlando
  • Eastern
  • Region

"Working with Vector has helped me find direction and open my eyes to a life full of joy, freedom, and wealth. I've proved to my family and friends that anything is possible."

Kendle Smith
  • Fullerton
  • Western Region
  • Callifornia State Polytechnic University-Pomona

"Winning this scholarship means that my hard work paid off. This company has helped me learn that if you set goals and work hard to achieve them, you can go far in life."

2011 Campaign I 11-25

Rockael Chaudhry
  • St. Louis
  • Central Region
  • East Central College
Matt Graves
  • Temecula
  • Western Region
  • California State University-San Marcos
Chelsea Banks
  • East Memphis
  • Southwest Region
  • University of Alabama
Brandon Brown
  • Pasadena
  • Western Region
  • California State Polytchnic University-Pomona
Kevin Debs
  • Orlando
  • Eastern Region
  • University of Central Florida
Christine Hanks
  • San Jose
  • Western Region
  • Academy of Art College
Marissa Gibbons
  • Buffalo
  • Mid-West Region
  • SUNY Buffalo State
Michael Ambrosino
  • Elmsford
  • Northeast Region
  • Iona College
Joe Davis
  • Tampa
  • Eastern Region
  • University of South Florida
Wesley McEwen
  • Miami
  • Eastern Region
  • Barry University
Dhancon Desroches
  • Orlando
  • Eastern Region
  • Brevard Community College
Eric Gillman
  • North San Diego
  • Western Region
  • San Diego State University
Cordell Bland
  • Tallahassee
  • Eastern Region
  • Altamaha Technical College
Roanne Cuevas
  • Pasadena
  • Western Region
  • Glendale Community College
Rebecca Huckeby
  • Baton Rouge
  • Southwest Region
  • Louisiana State University