Matt Graves, #1 All-American Scholarship winner presents the $1,000 Vector Marketing scholarship contribution to Brenda Dumas, Employer Relations and Event Coordinator at California State University - San Marcos.

2012 Campaign III Top 10

Matt Graves
  • San Diego
  • Western Region
  • California State University-San Marcos

"Winning the #1 scholarship for two consecutive years is a rarity and one that I am very proud to have accomplished. I couldn't have asked for a better opportunity working with such a great company while being in school. I have been able to pay my own way through college all four years and I'm expecting to graduate debt-free!"

Aaron Ludin
  • Orlando
  • Eastern Region
  • University of South Florida

"My experiences with Cutco have been life-changing. I've grown personally and professionally. Vector has taught me how to set clear intentions and achieve my goals - skills that have set me apart from my peers. I'm looking forward to the next chapter, as I build my Vector/Cutco Business as a college graduate."

Nickolas Jackson
  • Albuquerque
  • Southwest Region
  • New Mexico State University-Main Campus

"I began working with Vector in the summer of 2010. Two and a half years later, Vector has taught me that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. I feel that this scholarship is the ultimate competition. It not only shows a great sales capacity but also the ability to balance that with gaining a formal education."

Jordan McGee
  • Houston
  • Southwest Region
  • University of Louisiana LaFayette

"Thanks to Vector, I will graduate next fall with no student loans. I am honored to have won nine scholarships with the company. Without this opportunity I wouldn't have been able to continue my education. I finished this semester with a 3.2 GPA, sold Cutco on my own time, and bought a house. A college student can't ask for anything more."

David Kirchner
  • Lancaster PA
  • Northeast Region
  • Elizabethtown College

"Winning this scholarship shows people what is possible with hard work and dedication. Selling Cutco, I've learned how to work with, mentor, teach, and coach others. When I graduate this spring, I'm planning to open up my own Vector office so that I can continue to offer this great opportunity to others."

Alex Dienner
  • Lancaster PA
  • Northeast Region
  • University of Pennsylvania

"This scholarship is more than just the recognition and the money. Winning my 4th scholarship from Vector proves that I can reach any goal, no matter how big. I still can't believe Vector gives us a scholarship bonus just for doing our job to the best of our ability - and having fun the whole time!"

Kendle Smith
  • Fullerton
  • Western Region
  • California State Polytechnic University-Pomona

"Winning a scholarship for the 9th time reinforces that I work for a great company that rewards students for working hard. Thanks to Vector, I'll be graduating debt-free. As a Cutco sales professional (CSP), even before graduatin, I'm on the career track with Vector."

Michael Ambrosino
  • Fairfield CT
  • Northeast Region
  • Iona College

"Working with Vector has taught me to be thankful for everything that I have, and also see that I have control over my future. I've gained many intangibles that are necessary to succeed in the business world. I'm looking forward to graduating from college debt-free."

Ryan Leach
  • Richmond VA
  • Eastern Region
  • Virginia Community College-J. Sargeant Reynolds Campus

"Working with Vector has helped me cultivate a new way of life. I'm more focused on my goals and what I want out of my life. This has been a great way to support myself through school. I'm looking forward to continuing as a Cutco sales professional after graduation!"

Mario Sabates
  • Miami
  • Eastern Region
  • Florida International University

"Working with Vector has been very empowering. It revived me, gave me a new sense of confidence and has given me the tools to create whatever I want for my future. I'm excited for the opportunities it's opened for me."

2012 Campaign III 11-25

Andrew Loque
  • Clearwater
  • Eastern Region
  • St. Petersburg College
James Mckinney
  • Ocala
  • Eastern Region
  • College of Central Florida
Tyler Heberly
  • Ocala
  • Eastern Region
  • College of Central Florida
Matt Foss
  • Scottsdale/Tempe
  • Southwest Region
  • Scottsdale Community College-Maricopa District
Ian Conners
  • Rockville
  • Eastern Region
  • George Washington University
Leslie Buckingham
  • Chico
  • Western Region
  • California State University-Chico
Joshua Rasizer
  • East Brunswick
  • Notheast Region
  • The College of New Jersey
Michael Athens
  • South Denver
  • Southwest Region
  • University of Colorado at Boulder
Luke Sasek
  • East Lansing
  • Mid-West Region
  • Michigan State University
Juliana Figueiredo
  • Miami
  • Eastern Region
  • Miami Dade College
Amber De-La-Soujeole
  • McKinney
  • Southwest Region
  • Collin Count College-Preston Ridge Campus
Jared Magid
  • Eugene
  • Western Region
  • University of Oregon
Sean Jaroch
  • Rocky River
  • Mid-West Region
  • University of Akron Main Campus
Eric Chandler
  • Greensboro
  • Eastern Region
  • University of North Carolina Greensboro
Khansa Siedahmed
  • Cypress CA
  • Western Region
  • California State University