"Top winner, Kyle Lopes is pictured with Western Region Manager, Dan Casetta. Over the years, Kyle has won a scholarship nine times. Out of those, he earned the #1 spot four times, with a total of $6,450 in All American scholarships alone. 'Having to start from scratch so many times over gave me a great ability to network with customers and ask for referrals, as well as forced me to really stretch my comfort zone.' - Kyle Lopes"

2017 Campaign III Top 10

Kyle Lopes
  • Fremont
  • Western Region
  • West Valley College

"Working with Vector has taught me that the most important skill to master in sales is consistency. Regardless of whether I am in a peak or valley with my sales cycle, consistent effort is what's needed to achieve my goals. Winning another All-American just provides me with further validation that I'm making progress towards graduating debt-free from college and raising the bar for what's possible as a student selling Cutco."

Tyler Langmeier
  • Farmington
  • Northeast Region
  • Central Connecticut State University

"Working with Vector has taught me the necessary communication skills to be successful. I have learned a variety of skills through the sales rep position that have translated over to my personal life as well."

Michael Leone
  • Nassau Co.
  • Northeast Region
  • Suny Farmingdale

"Working with Vector has taught me that nothing is impossible, and most often, an individual can surprise himself or herself by setting higher goals than he or she ever dreamed of achieving."

Alec Luyendyk
  • Scottsdale/Tempe
  • Southwest Region
  • Arizona State University

"Great things don't just happen and aren't handed to you. you have to go out there and earn it. Vector has taught me to be resilient despite the challenges that are inevitably going to happen. Now I expect and embrace challenges and know the end goal is what matters and the rest is just a part of the incredible journey."

Jonah Comeaux
  • South Denver
  • Southwest Region
  • Colorado State University

"Vector has taught me work ethic, professionalism, time management, goal setting, goal hitting, people skills, sales skills, management skills, recruiting and interview skills, networking skills, lead generation skills, presentation skills, empowering my peers, how to run my own business, how to handle objection, likeability, how to create a buying atmosphere, and the list goes on."

John Stringer
  • North Shore
  • Northeast Region
  • University of Massachusetts-Lowell

"Winning the All-American Scholarship would be very meaningful to me because it means that I have been able to separate myself from my peers and build a resume that is unmatched with other college graduates as well as taking another step towards graduating debt free."

Jayce Elsberry
  • Bakersfield
  • Western Region
  • Bakersfield College

"Winning an All-American Scholarship would help me towards reaching my educational goal, and putting me closer towards personal success."

Philip Tice
  • S. Birmingham
  • Southwest Region
  • Jacksonville State University

"Working with Vector has taught me you create your own situation. Through all of the ups and downs in life, one thing remains consistent: YOU. If you choose to be successful, then putting the right actions will get you there."

Anthony Caeti
  • Lewisville
  • Southwest Region
  • Sam Houston State University

"Vector has taught me about business and communication. I have truly been humbled and my eyes have been opened."

Patricia Cruz
  • Waltham
  • Northeast Region
  • Harvard University

"Working with Vector has made me better in so many ways. My experiences both as a representative and manager have shaped me into the much stringer, capable, and confident woman I am today. It has taught me to welcome adversity, and treat it as an opportunity to grow. It has also taught me the importance of attitude over circumstances, but above everything, working with vector has shown me that any goal is achievable with the right attitude, a strong work ethic, and unwavering belief."

2017 Campaign III 11-25

Gage Karolczak
  • Oklahoma City
  • Southwest Region
  • University of Oklahoma
Josh Tucker
  • Seattle
  • Western Region
  • Azusa Pacific University
Alan Hernandez
  • East Valley
  • Southwest Region
  • University of Arizona
Marco Petrini
  • Bakersfield
  • Western Region
  • Bakersfield College
John Engelbert
  • East Valley
  • Southwest Region
  • Arizona State University
Jacob Gordon
  • Houston/Galleria
  • Southwest Region
  • Texas A&M University
Dillon Foley
  • Fairfield
  • Northeast Region
  • Providence College
Kevin Lee
  • Burbank
  • Western Region
  • University Of California-Los Angeles
Austin Wethington-Guidry
  • E. Baton Rouge
  • Southwest Region
  • Louisiana State University and A&M College
Anthony Hayes
  • Newport Beach
  • Western Region
  • Irvine Valley College
Brian Santiago
  • Hudson Valley
  • Mid-West Region
  • Dutchess Community College
Jeremy Blough
  • San Diego
  • Western Region
  • San Diego Mesa College
Jose Arellano
  • Covina
  • Western Region
  • California State University-San Bernardino
Adam Hayes-Lemmon
  • North Colorado Springs
  • Southwest Region
  • University of Denver
Becca Fowler
  • Johnson County
  • Central Region
  • University of Kansas